Important Announcement: Community is closing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Community members, 


These past couple of weeks have been overwhelming for all of us. But I hope all is well on your side.

This may be sudden, may be too late or may not be relevant right now considering the current situation, but no time is the right time when you need to announce something important, right?


But before I start, I would like to sincerely thank these top 10 contributors who have been with us since the beginning until today. YOU GUYS ROCK! 


@Rosidah_5735 @Ainaa_0976 @aizat7112 @-IronMan- @Khai0489 

@azwa_0575 @punkstereo @spartan @kennysii @4G


Pssst, check your inbox, we’ve sent you something! 😉


Thank you for contributing to our content and interacting with the other Community members as well as supporting us for the past few years. We really appreciate you. We wish to have your support for many, many years to come!


Now, I know some of you may have been wondering what’s the future of this platform will be, especially that it’s already March 2020 and we are yet to update anything. So… here it goes.


There’s no better way to say this but to be straightforward. After weighing the pros and cons with a good amount of argument and a long research, we have decided to shut down Celcom Community, effective May 2020.


It’s a tough decision to make, but we believe that this is one of the best ways to enhance our servicing platform for our customers. Moving forward, we will be hosting our content on our official Celcom website.

As for now, Community is still accessible to everyone as usual until further notice.


More details on the new platform will be shared soon. We thank you once again for your understanding and support! 😊


Also, a little pesanan khidmat masyarakat:

Be safe everybody, let's flatten the curve!