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Community Poll Results are in! We are excited to share with you the results Smiley Very Happy Did you participate in any of our community polls? We have published 2 polls for you to participate so we know what you think. Here's the information and results. Check these out! 



What type of bill format would you prefer to view, download and print?

Top Choice: Itemized Bill (61%)

Choice of Answers:

  • Itemized Bill 
  • Summary Bill
  • Both


  1. This poll is available from 8 Dec 2017 to 31 Dec 2017
  2. Votes are open exclusively for community members
  3. Refer Bill Statement Format FAQ for details of bill statement format
  4. Number of Votes: 41


How important is Device Protection to you when you signed up for Easyphone Program?

Top Choice: Depends on Device Price (63%)

Answer Choices:

  • Important
  • Less Important
  • Depends on Device Price
  • Not Sure
  • I don't know what is Device Protection


  1. This poll is available from 15 Dec 2017 to 31 Dec 2017
  2. Votes are open exclusively for community members
  3. Number of Votes: 24


To all community members who participated, THANK YOU for your feedback! Missing these polls? Don't worry, keep yourself updated with Community Announcement to participate in more polls! You can find them in any Forum or FAQ pages when the polls are ready. 


Since this is our first attempt..What do you think of our community polls? 


Is there any topic you would like us to publish? Let's hear together what the community members have to say about it. Drop yours below in the comments.


It's great to have more participation in the future!

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Special Contributor *

Thanks @fatinismail and CC Team for having the Polls! Eventhough the repondent is not as much that I hope compared to numbers of registered user, this is a good start 👍. 


Suggestions on other polling questions that covers;

1. Customer Journey - options to pay bill, options to buy devices, ideal package (data or voice centric) with iPhone etc.  

2. New Product Ideas - combined data weekend & weekdays (Yes/No), Data call packages (VoLTE), Phone rental program etc.

3. Pricing - ideal charges for data / call / roaming packages etc.


I'm sure, there will be somebody in the Marketing or Maket Analysis Department is dying to know what customers or potential customers think about all the topics and more above. All the best CC!  

Contributor ***

I think..the reason that many user voted in..because..there is no rewards given for the contributions..and no action after the vote is closed..


So do better next time arr..

Special Contributor *

 No more polls in CC anymore?