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How to Reload Prepaid Airtime

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How do I reload my Prepaid airtime? 


For your convenience, we offer multiple ways for you to reload:-

(i) For Pinless reload, our Celcom dealers can do the reload for you. You may visit any Celcom Store and Celcom Participating Dealer nearest to you. To find the nearest stores, click here, https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/helpsupport/findastore
(ii) Reload using Softpin. After purchasing the reload card, dial *122*16-digit pincode# from your mobile phone.
(iii) Reload using SMS. Just type REC16-digit pincode and send to 2888.
(iv) Reload using Online Customer Service (OCS). Select Reload>Reload via Pin option and follow the steps accordingly.
(v) Reload using Internet Banking. Reload options are available at selected banks only.
(vi) Reload using Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Please note that the reload options are available for selected banks only. 

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You not explain about the way to reload using other number. Kindly Assist. TQ
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