Compliment for a call center staff

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Compliment for a call center staff

Hi Celcom, I would like to give a compliment for to one of your call center staff.


To begin with, I would like to terminate my phone and postpaid service next month, therefore I called for customer careline. I was handled by 3 different person.The first 2, did not do anything rude or bad just that I don't see any EXTRA effort from them and I don't felt satisfied and confused when I think about their reply after finishing the call therefore I called again.

You see, when I tried to terminate my services, I was told that I am under a contract of 12-month(Celcom Lifestyle Privileges) which I wasn't aware of. 3 of them told me that I signed a contract black and white in Penang, while I am actually in KL all this time. However only Anisa or Aniza(I could not hear clearly) the last person who handled my case is able to fully put in her extra effort to investigate deeply what is going on. I requested for her employee number which is SA14011939, she said. 

In the end I am able to understand how I got into the contract thanks to her sincerity and patience, it was through a phone call that told me they will upgrade my account to be able to get the video walla, but I wasn't aware of the term Celcom Lifestyle Privileges and 12 month contract in the call.

Once again, thanks a lot to her and I hope Celcomm will acknowledge such great assest in your company.