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Be vigilant and always be extra cautious of SCAMMERS!


Be vigilant and always be extra cautious of SCAMMERS!

Recently, we detected a high number of new types of scams trying to get personal information from our customers or convincing our customers to conduct some form of transaction. Rest assured, Celcom takes this matter very seriously as it greatly affects you as our customers, corporate brand and the credibility of our genuine offers, products & services. 


Rest assured, upon receiving any information regarding these scams and fraud cases, we immediately block their numbers in our system; to stop those numbers from sending further irrelevant/fraudulent content immediately to Celcom customers. 


Please be vigilant for scams and please disregard and ignore any suspicious calls from unknown numbers; especially international unknown numbers. Another tipoff is that upon picking up a call you will hear an IVR recording before a real person speaks to you or SMSs or emails from people or organizations that you’ve never dealt with before, requesting for you to disclose your personal details such as your IC or Passport number, address and financial information such as Credit Card Number, OTP, CVV, or bank account numbers. The info they collect will then be used to commit crimes, purchases or transactions and potentially other illegal activities. 


Here are some of the latest tactics used by Scammers! Do you recognise any of them? Always be on alert!


  1. Did you know there is a new HIGH TECH FRAUD in town called the SIM SWAP FRAUD? The number of VICTIMS have already reached hundreds!
  • How does this type of fraud works?
    • Your phone network will momentarily go blind / zero (No Signal / Zero Bars) and after a while a call will come through.
    • The person on the line will tell you that he is calling from (your cell phone company) depending on your network and that there is a problem in your mobile network.  
    • He will instruct you to ‘Please press 1’ on your phone to get the network back.  
      • At this stage PLEASE DON’T PRESS ANYTHING, just cut or END the call.
    • If you press 1, the network will suddenly return to normal and will then almost immediately go blind again (Zero Bars). If this happens, your phone is already #HACKED.  
    • Within seconds they will EMPTY YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, thereby causing you untold damage.


  • How will this affect you?
    • It will appear as though your line is without Network, meanwhile your information in your SIM has been SWAPPED.
    • The danger here is that, you will not get any alert of any transactions, so please those of us doing USSD Banking and Mobile Banking, BEWARE.  Let's be very careful.
  1. The scammers offer you a “Celcom” rewards, RM20 Cash Incentive & 100GB because you are loyal Celcom customers through Social Media. This is NOT right.

Few scenarios to show how this type of scam works:



  • They will send the offer thru SMS, WhatsApp or make Social Media posting regarding the promo.
  • They would offer to transfer a certain amount of cash to your personal bank account.
  • During WhatsApp exchanges, you shall be requested to perform some steps to “redeem” the rewards.
  • Typically, scammers shall request the following items from you;
    • Multiple One-Time-PINs (OTP): The 1st OTP shall be used by the scammers to convert the victim’s Prepaid account To Postpaid (P2P); Subsequent OTPs are for authorizing content purchases done by scammers to be charged against victim’s “new” postpaid account (OTPs are triggered when scammers configure victim’s postpaid number at “Payment Methods” setting at the Play Store as the postpaid account to be charged for content purchases);


  • Ole2 Gift Vouchers – You shall be requested to send Ole2 Gift Vouchers to A SINGLE number belonging to scammer.
  • They will then proceed to ask for your bank account. Please stay vigilant and do not give any information away.

What you will experience

  • They might get your bank account details & transfer your money to another account. This will result in a big loss of savings.

Here are some examples of SCAMS that you might have encountered before. Ignore if you ever received these kinds of messages.












To safeguard yourself from being cheated by these scams and fraud activities, we would encourage and advise you to practice these cautionary steps: -


  1. Should you receive any suspicious calls or SMS, just ignore them and proceed to immediately BLOCK and DELETE the unknown numbers or SMS to prevent from the numbers to contact you again.
  2. It also might be a good idea to download apps that can identify unknown numbers. A good example would be the True Caller ID.
  3. Never EVER disclose the following personal details: four-digit debit/credit card PIN, full password or online banking codes, full digits of your IC Numbers, or any other personal details to anyone.
  4. Never transfer money to personal bank accounts or companies that claim to act on behalf or are representatives of Celcom.
  5. Highlight to us immediately on scammers activity through Celcom Facebook or Xpax Facebook.
  6. Always visit our website for the latest promotion, campaign, contest & device offering.


Scammers always finds ways to get your personal information! Be vigilant and always be extra cautious!

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Re: Be vigilant and always be extra cautious of SCAMMERS!

Tolong cepat siasat kes fraud saya..dua kali dah sy submit borang kat pihak kamu.. Tapi smpi sekarang belum clear nama sy dari pihak kamu