Identify Scam & Fake Message


Identify Scam & Fake Message

The list of these scam messages below have brought our attention to warn everyone that Celcom DO NOT have any lucky draws or free giveaways going on at the moment. To learn how to actually identify scam messages, scroll down for the tips!







Scammers are always up to one thing, and one thing only: YOUR MONEY!


To identify a scam, these are some signs you should look out for:

1) You do not know this number and the number looks foreign (aka weird)

2) You've won something that is too good to be true. Let's be real, there's no such thing as winning a phone for FREE without participating.

3) You've been requested to call/reply to XXXXXX number or click on a link to find out more.

4) A company name e.g. CELCOM is mentioned many times. 

5) You've been asked to provide some personal info i.e. IC number, bank account, home address etc online. 

Let's be smart and fight these scammers! Kindly look out for any promos or contests on CELCOM official social media channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) If you're uncertain, we're just one message away!


We welcome more ideas on how to identify scammers; or if you have any case samples to share, don't be shy and share it with us in the comment box below! Smiley Happy

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Re: Fake Message!

To add to it, the message is bit funny. Meaning the BM is not so BM and the English is not so English. Just delete it guys =)

ιllιlı.ıl oǝɹǝʇsʞund@ //

Re: Fake Message!

Anything you receive from WhatsApp claiming to be Celcom is fake, unless you are a Mobile Business plan user AND messaged Celcom first, so it's good to ignore it anyway
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Re: Fake Message!


Recently, this has been circulating and raised some questions by many people if this is legit?


The answer is: NO! This is obviously a FAKE MESSAGE. 


Why? Because:

1. You can't find it anywhere on any of Celcom's social media pages or website.

2. Too good to be true. 

3. Asking you for money (even if it's only RM5).

4. Doesn't give you enough time to think. 


Seriously, don't fall for this. #FightScam 


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Re: Fake Message!

Sharing another example of scam message. 






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Re: Fake Message!

Saw this on Bernama page, thought it's useful. 



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Re: Fake Message!

Wow, more scam messages online guys. Stay alert and be careful! 



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Re: Identify Scam & Fake Message

Scam received from 66688:

RM0.00 TQ for payment of RM50.00 via ATX on 31/08/2019 , Ac. 0898087170. Upon full payment, any disconnected service will resume within 1 hr/Astro
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Re: Identify Scam & Fake Message

Again this is obviously a scam - when you look at the "cara tebus hadiah", it's directing the victim to a non-official channel. Be careful guys, don't believe in this. 


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