Scam Alert: Customer Reward Program

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Community Manager

Scam Alert: Customer Reward Program




We work hard to get rid of scammers, but scammers work even harder! 

It's already 2020, but we still receive scam messages non-stop. 


We received our very first scam message of the year, and it's our responsibility to warn you to be very careful not to fall into their trap.

Please be mindful that Celcom only promote contests on our official social media channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).


Also, you can read other scam messages we managed to gather in 2019 here: Identify Scam & Fake Message 


Be safe and always stay on alert, guys! 

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Re: Scam Alert: Customer Reward Program

These scams will pop-up because they are "hidden" inside advertisements, so if you visit a completely normal site and as soon as the infected advert finishes loading, users will be redirected to said scam webistes.

Website admins should take extra caution when accepting adverts, so as an end-user you should download a browser with ad-block built-in (ex. Brave Browser) to prevent this from happening.

Google's advertising team has been looking this issue for well over 5 years and scammers keep finding new ways to pull this off!