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Celcom Facebook AI

Celcom Facebook page is being handled and replied by AI auto machine, which now make it useless, as it is difficult to communicate to a robot. Bad move Celcom! Even sending this very message is very hard. Why are new things made to be more difficult than before? Please be more creative and SIMPLIFY your processes.

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Re: Celcom Facebook AI

Hello @matyrze


Thanks for your feedback! In fact, we've just launched our chatbot service not long ago and we are constantly looking to improve it. If you have other feedback, feel free to post it here okay! 


Meanwhile, if you'd still prefer to chat with our chat agents (real human!), you can just type "talk to live agent" at the chatbox and they will be able to help you further. 





Re: Celcom Facebook AI

Good Day,


Thank you for sharing the information. Emma and Clive did help on answering most of general enquiries, however i believe that most customer prefer to speak with a live agent instead of droidbot. When the system prompt us of waiting in line for our turns , its kinda frustated thus i believe there is only a minimal live agents at one time answering the live chat. Perhaps in the future more live agents would be available to assist on Live Chat as it will be a waste for a huge organizations like Celcom failed to provide the fastest channels for the customers to keep in touch with Customer Services and get assistants for their problem. Keep it up . Thank you .

Shamil Ambia