What do you think of Community FAQ?

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What do you think of Community FAQ?

Hi all!


I'm sure many of you have visited Community FAQ pages and consumed the information within. Feel free to let us know how was your experience in searching and reading the articles, and share your suggestions! What about the information you read? Does it correctly answer your inquiries? Rate the article you've read and share with us your thoughts. Don't forget to leave your comment below!


Here's how you can reach to Community FAQs...


  1. From community homepage, you can choose any Category Icon (eg. Your Plan, Your Device, Your Bill...) and that will bring you to a Category Page that has a Board with this icon image.png. The Board is called Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) that contains all articles related to the Category that you are in. Say, you clicked Your Plan in homepage, then the FAQ Board only has relevant articles related to Your Plan.
  2. Some of you might just type in your keywords in the Search Bar, and the search will you bring to another page with a list of results. You will notice that some of the results have the same icon like this image.png which simply means that the post is located in a FAQ Board within a Category. 


Your feedbacks are highly valued for us to improve your experience interacting with the Community FAQs.





Need help? Simply search the Community or Post a Topic to relevant Board.
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Re: What do you think of Community FAQ?

Hi and good day,


Dear Community Team,


I'm really need your assist regarding how to use community portal.

I found it its was so difficult to know how to use this portal. Long time ago whe we're using cs Xpert, everything were simplified. There is Main topic, PREPAID, POSTPAID, SFR, IDD, IR & ETC at left side of the main page.

There is also latest list of SFR, CS Comm at front page.

I work as Retail Associate & handling customer is my top priority and accountability. Sometimes I need to give immediate feedback and information. I found that I fail to give actual rate of IR to customer because I fail to get the info from COMMUNITY PORTAL,I fail to get latest addendum for retention promotion because there is lots of retention programme that has been change the name especially CNY promotion.

I hope Community Team could simplified the page so that easier for us search information and please don't add up unneccesary "communication" at the front page.

We as customer service need to get info as ONE CLICK and please please rearrange your main topic at your main page.

This is my opinion regarding Community Page. If I need to give my ratings, I'll give 2 point out of 10.


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Re: What do you think of Community FAQ?

Sim saya masih belum sampai. Kemana perginyaaa 🙄
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Re: What do you think of Community FAQ?

pergi je kat sc yg terdekat
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Re: What do you think of Community FAQ?

Dear Celcom, why am i still be charged iflix monthly subscriptions even i have unsubscribed my iflix account. Please clarify this issue immediately. Thank you.