48GB: What can you do with it?

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48GB: What can you do with it?

When choosing an Internet plan, apart from the price, there are two things that I would normally prioritize; data and speed. There's no way I would choose one without the other. But what if I don’t have options because for some reason, I’m only allowed to subscribe to 48GB (4,800MB) data allocation per month? What exactly can I do with it?


Well… here’s pretty much what I know we can do with just 48GB per month because I tried, and this is my conclusion (…for now).


Video Streaming

  • Video streaming takes about 700 MB per hour and that equals to 68 hours of videos at one go! Pretty good enough to binge on my favorite KPOP videos on Youtube or catching up on my favourite Netflix series. 
    • More info on Youtube: click here
    • More info on Netflix: click here

Music Streaming

  • I’m an avid Spotify user. I stream every single day during my daily commute to work or anywhere, you name it. Spotify has made it clear that it uses only about 150MB per hour, that is equivalent to 320 hours of my favourite songs! Ok lah, not so bad. Can play Spotify until my next data renewal, should be enough hehe. More info on Spotify data usage, you can read here

Online Gaming

  • Not a gamer but I did some research on this specifically and I figured that an intense mobile gaming takes up approximately 300MB per hour and that is up to 1600 hours of mobile gaming! PUBG, Mobile Legends or Call of Duty enthusiasts, perhaps if you’re reading this right now, can you share your experience with me?

Voice Call (Whatsapp Call) 

  • Thank god for Whatsapp call! For real though, life’s so much easier with Whatsapp call, really helps me to save up a lot on my bill hehe and it doesn’t exactly eat up my data too as it only uses 60MB per hour which equals to 800 hours of chit chatting with my favourite people.

Video Call (Whatsapp Video/FaceTime)

  • Video call uses slightly a bit more data because duh, it’s a video. 240MB per hour which equals to 200 hours of video calling my loved ones isn’t so bad though considering my call usually lasts for about 5 to 10 mins.

To be honest, I don’t track my data usage regularly. But on the days that I do, these are the approximate data I used on a daily.  Not so bad if you ask me. Also, let me disclaim this before you get it confused, the above simulated numbers are based on my own assumption when I do 1 activity with 48GB only. Let me know if you experienced differently! Smiley LOL