#COVID-19: Are you a responsible Malaysian citizen? If yes, please read this.

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#COVID-19: Are you a responsible Malaysian citizen? If yes, please read this.

The health and safety of our customers will always remain a priority. Hence, we urge all Celcom subscribers to abide to the current restriction of movement order given by the Malaysian government, starting 18th March 2020 to 31st March 2020. During this crucial period, it is very important that we remain calm and compose to ensure the safety of our environment as well.


So, as a responsible citizen, here’s a few do’s and don’ts to follow:


Stay at home, stay safe and don’t balik kampung.

Yes. First and foremost, you need to stay at home. The movement restriction was imposed for a reason, and that reason is to stop this virus from spreading to a bigger scale. Please, just stay at home and don’t travel unless it’s necessary. This is not Hari Raya, balik kampung can wait.


Avoid mass gatherings and crowded places.

The increasing number of positive Covid-19 cases in Malaysia has been causing panic nationwide. From panic buying to students bombarding the bus stations to mass gathering at the police station…. whew if we don’t stop this right now, we might have a little to no chance to fight this virus from spreading. Also, avoid public transport, trains, gyms or any other crowded places. The more people, the more likely the spread of the virus.


Connect digitally and stay calm.

We’re told to socially distancing ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect with other people while at it. It is essential to stay in communication with your family, friends, neighbors or other sources during these difficult times to induce a sense of calm. Use your phone, text, call, FaceTime – do it, by all means possible, to stay connected with those matters to you. Talking to people close to you will give a sense of security and will help you to stay calm.


Read reliable sources on Covid-19 updates, do not believe everything you read on the Internet.

Before you share any information about this outbreak to your family WhatsApp group, make sure that the information is valid and that you took it from a reliable source. It is highly important that during a time of crisis, every information shared is trustworthy and valid to avoid sparking unnecessary fears or panic.


We suggest all our subscribers to follow KKM official social media channels for continuous and reliable updates on Covid-19 outbreak. Not only they share the right information, they’re also sharing preventive measure for all of us can take to stay safe. List of KKM’s social media channels as below:

KKM's Facebook

KKM's Twitter

KKM's Telegram

KKM's Official Website


Wash your hands, sanitize and follow basic personal hygiene with the other precautions.

The most basic precautionary step each one of us must take is to regularly wash our hands with soap and water. Do not touch your face or rub your eyes before washing or sanitizing your hands especially before you eat and after being out in the public. Wear a mask if you have  cough or runny nose. Always cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing and see a doctor ASAP if you’re feeling unwell.


Last but not least, if you have just returned home from traveling, please do not be selfish and quickly get yourself checked. Or if you have plans to travel during this pandemic, please do not be selfish and cancel/postpone your travel plans to a later date.


Let us all empathize with the front liners who have been working, day in, day out to save the lives of those infected by this outbreak. We get to stay at home, while they’re at work working tirelessly so the least we can do is to maintain our social distance and follow the restriction of movement order given by the govenrment. Together, we can help to flatten the curve!