Know your network!

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Know your network!

Raya is here, many of you will "balik kampung" or go on a roadtrip hence the traffic is going to be crazy and what's even worse, is if you're stuck in traffic with poor network coverage.


While Celcom's network covers 94% nationwide, there are still chances that you will experience poor connection - ESPECIALLY during this high time. Imagine network as a highway. Usually it's enough for the traffic during normal days. When it's festive seasons or peak hours, more cars will be using the same road and leads to traffic congestion; or we love to call it "traffic jam". 


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Network - when more people are using the same network at the same time they may experience slower connection than usual or having difficulties connecting due to "network congestion". No matter which operator you're on.


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Anyway, there are always different ways to counter this. Not perfect, but sometimes it works and it's better than nothing at all. 


Here's some easy tips to help you deal with network congestion:


  1. Switching to 3G network might help (while 4G "highway" is jam, 3G network can be your shortcut.)


  1. If you're indoor, the connection may be worse. So, go outdoor where you can get a better signal. 

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  1. Reduce photo/video sharing when you're experiencing slow connection.


  1. Close any apps running in the background when you're not using it. (This saves battery as well!)


  1. If you have a stable WiFi connection at kampung, it's always a better option comparing to mobile data.  


  1. Check with people around you if they are facing the same issues. If they are, it's most probably a congestion. 


  1. If it happens too often, restart your phone may help you to reset your connection. 


  1. You may also check our Service Announcement page if we are having any major issues. 


Last but not least, here's our coverage map for you to check if your kampung is out of our coverage area! Have a safe journey back to your 'kampung'  and Selamat Hari Raya! 

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