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Need to share credit ASAP? Fret not, we have Celcom Credit Share!

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Need to share credit ASAP? Fret not, we have Celcom Credit Share!

Credit running low? In desperate need for credit to talk to your loved ones? Or you just wanna help your friends when they run out of credit? Well, worry no more because with Celcom Credit Share, you can start sharing credit from as low as RM1!  


Before we get to the subscribing process, here’s what you need to know before you can start Credit Share: 

  1. You must be in Malaysia to use this service. 
  2. You can share credit from your Celcom postpaid or prepaid account 
  3. Make sure you have a minimum credit balance of RM2.  
  4. There is a different validity depending on the credit share amount:  

Credit share amount 


RM1 - RM2 

1 day 

RM3 – RM25 



After every successful transfer, RM 0.50 service charge will be applied to the transferor.  


How to use Celcom Credit Share? 


credit share.png


If your transaction is successful, you will receive the below SMS: 

RM0. TQ for using Celcom Credit Share svc. You’ve transferred RM3 to 0191234567. Your current bal on 19/05/14 is RM110.00. RM0.50 svc charge has been deducted from your account. 


What if your credit is running low? Can you ask your friend to Credit Share to you? 

Definitely! You can send a request to your friend. There are 2 ways to do so: 



Call *365*3#, choose 2 to Request Credit 



  1. Type RQ RM<Amount>  
  2. send to 1<mobile number> 

Upon successful request, service charges will be applied to both requestor (RM0.20) and transferor (RM0.50).  


Are you a new user?  

If yes, just make sure you’ve spent at least RM10 credit before you’re eligible to use Credit Share. 


And ta-da! You’re done, your credit share is successful, and remember the easy steps so next time somebody is in need, you can help right away! At the end of the day, sharing always means caring 😉