Online threats? Here's how to keep your mobile devices safe.

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Online threats? Here's how to keep your mobile devices safe.

Mobile devices carry several personal information, such as reminders, appointment bookings, files, messages and even mobile banking details. Given its wide functionalities, mobile devices are vulnerable and prone to online threats.


But not all is lost, especially when you exercise good prevention steps on a daily basis to help minimize the exposure of your mobile device to digital threats. Here's some: 


  1. Secure your mobile with a pin, password, or fingerprint. It is always advisable to create strong passwords for each different apps.
  2. Don’t jailbreak your iPhone or root your android devices.

  3. Enable remote wipe function and consider enabling "Find Your Device Option” if you want to stay alert about losing your device.

  4. Only Download from official store such as Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone.

  5. Backup and protect your phone data.

  6. Avoid connecting to public/free Wi-Fi as the pose a risk of being intercepted by cyber criminals.

  7. Never ignore security update. Ensure your operating system is up to date. 

  8. Beware of social engineering scams to steal your personal data. Never respond to unofficial SMS, e-mail, or phone calls. Ensure you have the exact information about your mobile provider such as their customer service number

  9. Download trusted anti-malware to protect your phone from malware infection


It doesn’t take much to stay on alert with your mobile devices. Always be vigilant when you’re in public. Just because it’s not a physical threat, doesn’t mean you should be lenient about it. Make sure to practice security measures when you’re out with your mobile devices. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your devices locked up when not needed!