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Roaming Tips



We all love travelling overseas. When travelling overseas, we still need our phone to stay connected with our families and friends, to upload your IG stories, to look for the best local food, to Google Map the place you’re going to… You get the idea.


That’s how INTERNATIONAL ROAMING IS ESSENTIAL in this modern world.


To roam with Celcom, here are our tips for you to get started.


Before Your Trip

Postpaid - Activate Roaming Service

International Roaming service is automatically activated upon plan registration.
However, if you’ve opted out before, to re-activate the service, SMS by typing “IR ON” and send to 28882

You'll get an SMS confirmation once it's activated.


Prepaid - Activated by default

International Roaming service is pre-activated for all Prepaid users.

Just make sure your account is active with sufficient credit balance to use roaming services!


How to avoid substantial roaming charges

Make sure you roam with Celcom roaming preferred operator for the best roaming rates.

Look for the best roaming pass that suits your needs.


Tips: Avoid Audio and video streaming if not necessary as these will use up a lot of data very quickly.


Roaming Pass

How to buy?

  1. Subscribe from Celcom Life App (watch our video here for instruction!)
  2. Dial *118# and followed by Roaming & IDD

Tips: It's recommended that you buy roaming pass before you travel. Why? So you don’t have to look for a WiFi connection to launch your Celcom Life App to subscribe to roaming pass when you arrive. 

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If you need to contact Celcom at overseas

Online is always the best option. Chat with customer service on Facebook Messenger to get quick assistance. 

Alternatively, keep *123# OR +6019-601 1111 as your contact.