#StayIn tips: How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage While In Quarantine?

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#StayIn tips: How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage While In Quarantine?

What is life without mobile data? Not to be dramatic but honestly can you imagine being in quarantine without any mobile data at all? I know I can’t because my life depends on it. I need mobile data to access Twitter for latest COVID-19 updates, scroll Instagram feed to find recipes on Dalgona Coffee, stream Kingdom on Netflix and just FaceTiming my family and friends since RMO required all of us to #StayAtHome. 


Yes, I’m aware many have WiFi connection at home, but many probably can’t afford to have home WiFi that they also must depend on mobile data. So, to my fellow friends who’s struggling to maintain your data usage, here’s a little tips-and-tricks for you!  


A little disclaimer: This content is solely based on my personal experience as I personally went to search and try for the best tips-and-tricks to reduce my own data usage. I’ve summarized the tips I’ve read for your easy reading and you know what they say; info best kenalah share!  


So, here’s a few tips on reducing mobile data usage I’ve dig online and tried: 


1. Remove or disable unused apps 

This is important! We tend to overlook the apps that we have on our device. We hoard a lot of apps on our device ot knowing exactly what to do with it, or we simply don’t have time to use it. So, take this as a reminder because now is the best time to remove those apps or turned them off! Not only doing this will significantly reduce your data usage, it will also make your phone a lot faster. 


2. Limit the data usage of each application 

2nd step after removing or disabling unused apps is to limit your data usage for the apps that you frequently used. You may not know this, but a lot of apps are still streaming data after we have stopped using them. So set a certain threshold for your data usage to make sure the app does not surpass the limit. 


3. Disable background app refresh 

Calling all iPhone users, this tip is specifically written for you! There’s this thing called ‘background app refresh’ on your device and It works to grab new content so you can see the updated news from the app when you return to them. This activity has caused my data usage to increase even more so the moment I realized this; I quickly do this simple step to stop this activity:  


Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and I switched it off completely. This has helped me saved up my data usage so much. You need to try it if you haven’t! 


4. Update your Apps when you’re connected to WiFi 

Ok now, for those of you have very limited access to WiFi during the quarantine period, I suggest you update your apps or device ONLY when you’re connected to WiFi. If you have your ‘Automatic Downloads’ button switched on, please turn it off. Trust me, once you disable this, your data usage will improve so much more.


5. Switch off ‘Video Autoplay’ on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram 

When Instagram and Twitter both introduced auto-playing video, it instantly became one of my favorite features because it made my life so much easier in ways that I don’t have to constantly press play button to watch whatever video that appears on my timeline. But when I go out with no WiFi connection, I realized how much this feature drains my data in such short period of time. Learn how you can switch off this feature based on your preferred apps: 


    • Go to Settings on your Android or iOS device. 
    • Then tap General from Android settings. Or, on iOS tap Settings. 
    • Then tap Video autoplayon either device. 
    • Tap Do not play videos in timelines automatically, on iOS tap Never play videos automatically. 
    • Open Instagram on iPhone, iPad, or Android device and go to Settings. Then select Cellular Data Use from the menu on either platform. And finally, turn on Use Less Data. 
    • Launch YouTube on either Android or iOS and go to Settings. 

    • Then on Android tap General. Or, on iOS tap Settings. 

    • Launch YouTube on either Android or iOS and go to Settings. 

    • Then on Android tap General. Or, on iOS tap Settings

    • On Facebook app, go to Settings > Tap the More button (represented by a breadcrumb button) > (iOS users tap Account Settings), tap App Settings,  (iOS, tap Settings.) 


      Tap Autoplay  from the Android settings. Or on iOS, tap Videos and Photos. 

      Then select Never Autoplay Videos

Realistically speaking, I initially thought that there’s no way I can reduce my data usage by much - considering the time I spent on my mobile to socialize digitally, but I tried these simple tips and it worked! Maybe you’d want to try it too in case you have the same problem as me 😉


Also, have you checked out Celcom latest offerings to give you the best in class services during RMO? Well if you haven’t, read down below! 


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Above offers are valid for all postpaid and Xpax prepaid customers from 8am to 6pm daily. Besides that, here are some offerings for prepaid users: 


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  • Offers valid until June 30th, 2020 

It may not be much but it’s something to help you get through another week of the Restriction of Movement Order. Let us all pray for this pandemic to end soon so we can all go back to our daily routine! #StayAtHome everybody, stay safe and stay hygienic!  


Psst, if you’d like to request for any specific tips-and-tricks on anything Celcom related, please don’t be shy and let me know! I will try my best to find the most suitable tips for you!  


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