#StayIn tips: How to get the best Wi-fi connection at home

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#StayIn tips: How to get the best Wi-fi connection at home

Your home WiFi used to be fast and smooth but now that everybody is home due to the quarantine, it suddenly slows down and lagging?


Ok fret not, we’ve found several tips-and-tricks that can possibly help to improve your home WiFi signals and connection. Check them out below:


Move the wireless router to an elevated, clear spot

This is no rocket since but when you reposition your router to an elevated and clear spot, you will instantly get the optimum wi-fi coverage for the entire house. Listed below is where you should and should not place your Wi-Fi router.


Best places to put your internet router

  • Central living room or family room
  • On a small coffee table placed strategically in a central hallway or living space


Places to avoid putting your internet router

  • In the kitchen where other devices emit waves that can interfere with your signal
  • In a corner of your house or in a windowsill – most signals will travel outside where you’re not using them
  • In the cupboard



Reset router regularly

Wi-Fi Connection disruption can happen after a long, heavy usage or during peak hours. It is highly recommended that you reset your modem every once in a while, after a long usage ​to reconnect the wi-fi for better connection.


Reduce the number of devices using up the bandwidth

Try reducing the number of devices you have eating up your internet’s band at one time. If you intend to stream high-quality Netflix or play online games, try doing so without multiple devices running as well.


Last but not least, make sure you surf internet safely and responsibly. Turn off your router when not in-used or when you’re not at home. We live in an era where data breaches, ransomware attacks and online threats are common so let us all take the precautionary measure to ensure the best security of our home network!