Celcom direct billing error

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Celcom direct billing error

I really want this problem solved. I made a purchase at a gaming app I'm playing, but when I clicked 'Buy', I expected it to run smoothly like usual. However, an error happened. I tried a few times but still the error occurs.

The worst part is that Celcom Direct Billing from Google Play subtracted my credits, but I did not receive any SMS from celcom and didn't even received any receipt from Google. This is very upsetting as the money spent for me is not a small amount, and if Google or the gaming app considers that I have not made any purchased anything. This has happened to me before but I received a refund for that time. Last night it happened again but I haven't received any refund for it.
I would like it if Celcom gave back my lost credits.

Please respond.
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Re: Celcom direct billing error

Hi @keon94


Have you contacted Google regarding the purchasing issue? If you have, and they asked to refer to Celcom, please provide us a copy of the communication with Google (email etc) for us to check further.


Please PM us at our FB messenger or, if you prefer contacting via email, please write to us at this page. We'll look into the matter and help you further.


Additionally, you might want to try the troubleshooting steps below in the issue with the direct billing in Google Play Store.


  1. Force the Play Store to stop, and then clear data for the Google Play Store application (settings > apps > Google Play Store > force stop then clear data).


  1. Clear cache for Google Play Services (Go to settings > apps or application manager > Google Play Services > clear cache > ok).


  1. Clear data for Google Play Services (Go to settings > apps or application manager > Google Play Services > manage space > clear all data > ok).


  1. Remove your Google Account:
  • Open your device's settings app.
  • Under "Accounts," touch Google and then the account you want to remove.
  • Touch the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Touch remove account.


  1. Restart your device.


  1. Add your Google Account:
  • Open your device's Settings app.
  • Under "Accounts," touch add account > Google
  • Follow the instructions to add your account.


If you're unable to sign into your Google Account, I recommend posting your query in the Gmail Help Forum or log on to here as it would be the right forum to address your concern.




Hope this helps




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Re: Celcom direct billing error

How did you get that refund ? How fast did the refund came in?