Third Party Content Attacking [Problem that Arise/How to solve]

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Third Party Content Attacking [Problem that Arise/How to solve]

Hi to all members in Celcom Community,


It's been quite a while i have been active in community yet i always updated myself with current celcom trending especially in this forum.Eventhough this kinda post has been shared by our fellow members,yet there are still some kinda of person out there are out of option or blur regarding this third party content issue.Hence, today i would like to share how i encounter this problem and what are the bad impact or impression towards Celcom regarding this issue.Recently, i have receive a message from a number that is as stated in the pitcure. I was quite shock after reading it,that i have subcribed and charged an amount of RM 6, to a particular game content meanwhile, in years of using Celcom, i didn't susbcribe to any kind of game subscriptions. Thus, once i open up the message and after go through it, I took the initiative to directly called the Celcom Hotline to fix the up the problem, and then it has been connected to the operator that handles content issue. I have story up to the operator, and the person said that this particular number is actually a trusted third part agency that is allowed by Celcom itself. I was quite shock listening to the operator statement and i raise a question with the operator "How could you all have allow such kind thing meanwhile current telcos and sender are bonded with Data Protection Act it should be protected without sending to any third party agency". The operator remains silent indicating she couldn't answer the question that were asked . Without wasting any time from arguing, i ask the operator to do something so that they can block permanently such kind thing to my number and since I'm a postpaid user,i told to that person, if there is any additonal payment, please refund back that money. The person acknowledge it,and say would refund the money if there is any additonal excess in the bill and ask sorry for the incident that happens.


47578527_303696916926752_4071956436324712448_n.pngThird Party Content direct subscription without the acknowledgment of sender itselfFrom this post, what i would like to elaborate and pointed out, what happens when an elderly person face the same situation?Are they gonna realize as fast how we realize it? Surely they wouldn't realize it. I'm posting back this topic so that everyone realize there are such kind of scam(third party agency) that been allowed by CELCOM itself and told by the operator itself. Plese be aware guys! As a loyal customer in Celcom, i feel very dissapointed for such kind of incident because this is a real scam that bug our money without realizing it. Eventhough the problem solved, yet such incident happens. Hereby, I'm requesting to the Top Management of Celcom to stop such kind of issue and please take proper action before we start to voice it out in different legal terms. As a person who been in Celcom for years, I'm really dissapointed for such kind of issue.

Hope there is betterment done for the future of CelcomHeart

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Re: Third Party Content Attacking [Problem that Arise/How to solve]

Totally agree with you bro @nagenkrishnan. I was once a victim of this as well with the orange telco, they told me it was subscribed by the previous owner of my number. Make sense...but shouldn't they stop the subscription when the line was terminated? I think the systems telcos used still need lots of improvement

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Re: Third Party Content Attacking [Problem that Arise/How to solve]

Thanks for highlighting this @nagenkrishnan. Bring this to Consumer Forum and MCMC. The telco will not have the capacity to monitor the subs. They will not know who is genuinely subscribe to the service or who has been 'accidently' subscribed to the service. 


What Celcom and other telco must do is to have a double / 2 authentication process before the mobile number will be succesfully registered to these services. This is mandatory  Without the proof that the subs is not performing the authentication, no subscription allowed. 


If there's any fraud detected and proven, the telco will be charged a penalty and the subs will be given compensation. With this enforecement, the telco will be much 'aware' on this issues, that have been lingering around for many years. 



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Billed to me:

  1. 23/6/2018: Techninier charge RM3
  2. 13/11/2018: FunSea charge RM16
  3. 25/11/2018: Gamez Unlimited charge RM3

SMS sent to me this month:

  1. 11/12/2018: Gamez Unlimited charge RM3
  2. 5/12/2018, 7/12/2018, 12/12/2018, 14/12/2018: Game Hub auto-renewed RM3.00/week
  3. 14/12/2018: Marvelmedia charge RM4.00/week, next renewal 22/12/2018
  4. 14/12/2018: FunSea charge RM16, next renewal 15/1/2019

I didn't noticed before this because I use app to filter SMS and call. I just ignore spam SMS. But when I check my bill, additional charges are related to the spam SMS. 


Now I need to try unsubscribe all but some were failed to unsubscribe.


Please explain these, Celcom!

Please return my money!

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Re: Auto subscribed game content??? CELCOM, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY!

Hi @Issac_Lyle, have you contacted customer service? The best way is to get to them directly since this needs to check account

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Re: Auto subscribed game content??? CELCOM, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY!

I have contacted customer service and still wait their reply.

But when I read same issue here, the problem still not solve since a few months.

Why need to check each single accounts if Celcom can directly stop their partner agenda?

Please stop ALL AUTO SUBSCRIBE for all account!
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Fraud: Auto Subscription to Game Hero

I did not subscribe to Game Hero, however I have been charged to Game Hero every week since October and I only noticed it during December!  So there is this additional charge on Oct - RM9, Nov RM15 and I believe there will be charges in my December bill as well!

I called the Customer Services, she said she has stopped the subscription, I asked for the waiver on the Mobile content charge, she said she cannot gurantee that I will get it! What an answer? What is the reason the customer cannot get it back while the customer didn't even subscribe to it.

I saw a few people raised this fraud and getting the same problem so I asked if Celcom has find out what is the problem, she said she don't know.

So I will wait for 3-5 days to see if I'm able to get the money back. If not, will bring this issue to Communication & Multimedia Services.


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Re: Fraud: Auto Subscription to Game Hero

Really hope Celcom can do something here, seems many people shared similar problem here...  

I think as consumer, what we can do is to complaint such things whenever we faced it, and bring it up to higher authority if necessary. This really shouldn't have happened. 

Meanwhile, I think moderator should combine this topics together with the others so all can read about it


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Re: Auto subscribed game content??? CELCOM, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY!

I got charge by a lot of these spam message like you.
Gamehero, technier, ionnex, Funsea , AirG, Bemobi2.
Total charge this month RM 69.
And the customer support already helped me to blocked these spam message , and I still getting charge for these .
STOP and STOPALL wont work at some of these spam.
Anyone can give me a solution?

Re: Auto subscribed game content??? CELCOM, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY!

just call their hotline bro, choose for CONTENT from the option when you call. explain to them about your content issue. this is what i did.

1.) call operator and explain my issue.

2.) provide the content short code (in my case is 39254).

3.) ask them to unsub/block for you

4.) ask for rebate/refund

5.) say thank you and give compliment to him/her


please dont shout and scream to the one who answer your call. when we ask for help it is best to be polite and friendyl. this way people will be more than happy to help you.

working at call centre can give you mental illness X_X.


take note of the date of your report and your billing cycle too. any charges before your report that is past your current billing cycle will appear on the upcoming bill. so call again for the next refund.

if its work for me it work for you too. cheers!