Billing cycle differ from registration date

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Billing cycle differ from registration date

Hai, can anyone help me? I didn't understand why my billing cycle 8/12/2019 - 7/1/2020, since I just registered Celcom Home Wireless today (27/12/2019). It should be 27/12/19 - 26/1/2020 right? When I check in Celcom life App, my next bill would be on 7/1/2020. Can anyone explain this?

Re: Billing cycle differ from registration date

Hi @DrRashidi ,

Every postpaid account under Celcom Postpaid plan, a random bill cycle will be generated during the registration (For example 3rd, 8th 15th, 18th and etc) and normally the bill cycle will not be the same date as per date of registration.

In your case, the billing cycle was set to 8th for every month. Hence the charging will count from the day of registration till 7th (This is the last day for 1 cycle).

Once your Bill statement generated usually within 8working days from bill cycle, I strongly advice that you check on the bill statement for further clarity on the charges that had been applied to your account for previous cycle.

Hope that above explaination may clear some of the question you had.