Call barred? This could help you

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Call barred? This could help you

Call barred?


You might have experienced this before – unable to make calls simply because you forgot to pay your bill before the due date. Or overused your credit limit. (wooooaahhh don't smash your phone yet!)













The quickest way to solve this is to immediately make payment and get your phone line unbarred.

However, sometimes we just don’t have the time or anything that you can use to pay bills.


Here’s a lifesaver. Make a PROMISE TO PAY to Celcom and unbar your line without paying the bill first. Basically, it is like extending your payment due date to a later date.



The steps are only applicable/available when your call is barred.


How to apply for Promise to Pay?



Option 1: SMS

Step 1: Send SMS text OPT1 to 28882

Step 2: You will receive an SMS confirming whether your request is successful/unsuccessful


Option 2: via Online Customer Service

(More steps for the first time but hey! This is a really useful portal. Try it for yourself!)

Step 1: Register/Log in to OCS account

Step 2: (2 ways to access)

(a) If you are under Call Bar, a red notification bar will appear on the main page. From that notification bar, select ‘Promise to Pay’

(b) From the side menu, select ‘View & Pay Bills’ and then select ‘Promise to Pay’

Step 3: You will be directed to the Promise to Pay page. The total duration of your due date extension and temporary credit limit increase will be displayed

Step 4: Select ‘Confirm’ to proceed with Promise to Pay

Step 5: Once successful, you will receive a message as well as a Service number for your reference.




It’s that simple! Anyway, it’s always a better practice and habit to pay your bills before the due date! Not just Celcom bill. Your other utility bills as well. You won’t like it when you don’t have electricity and water, right?#peaceofmind

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Re: Call barred? This could help you

But my line is barred when im at oversea,now i cannot text message or request my tac for online banking,could u help me please