Hidden charge - MyGameScape-MGS1

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Hidden charge - MyGameScape-MGS1

Why is there a RM10 charge for MyGameScape-MGS1 which I didn't download anything any games at all .

I don't play games , no games in my phone & won't download any games too !!

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Re: Hidden charge - MyGameScape-MGS1

For account specific issue, please contact customer service team for further assistance ya. https://www.celcom.com.my/support/contact-us

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Re: Hidden charge - MyGameScape-MGS1

Really angry that the same thing happening non stop !!

Macro subscription
AirG subscription
GameHub subscription
All the above don't know what are those I never & don't want at all .

Why all these non sense , how come Celcom lets them auto charge their customers like that ?
How many times I need to go Celcom to get back my money , wasting my time I have to visit Celcom monthly is it ?

I can't stop them because can't unsubscribe them , so funny I click on the link provided to cancel BUT never receive code to do it & 1 said no account, no account but still charging me really funny !!