How to stop unconsent purchase from 39125, 39166 & 27100

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How to stop unconsent purchase from 39125, 39166 & 27100

I received this message from 39125 saying

"RM0 Your purchase through your Celcom mobile account for Spin from PixelMagic at RM3.00 is successful! Info".

What worse is that another message few minute later from 39166 and 27100 come saying

"RM0 Uh-oh! Your purchase was unsuccessful due to insufficient credit or may have reached your credit limit. Sincerely Celcom."

Yeah, ofc!! Because you "steal" my credit until I don't have any more for you to steal!! I bet when I reload, you will do the same thing again.

I only use this simcard for almost 1 month, never go to suspicious website, never clicking suspicious link, never do **bleep** thing which can expose my private data/details and never agreeing to purchase or subcribe. Yet, hmmm...

I did call customer service few times already and asked them to help me unsuscribe/stop purchasing things that i never subcribe/purchase.. but yet until now, the problem never been solved..

Already did that END, CANCEL, STOP, STOP ALL, STOP EA, UNSUBCRIBE or whatever things similar to that.. Till this day, this problem still persist..

ARRGGHH!! My credit which I bought through my blood, tears, sweat all reduce to nothing.. How i'm going to call my parents far away from city to ask them wellbeing when you take all my credit within 5 minute reloading it.. T_T
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Re: How to stop unconsent purchase from 39125, 39166 & 27100

Oh btw, I never shout or angry when calling the customer services.. I asked them gently, honestly, mildly, with honeyed word while pratising "sopan santun" attitude to the point that i even cringe at myself, conveying my problem with the finest details i can come up with, but still be rewarded with the problem are not solved at all... Thanks..
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Re: How to stop unconsent purchase from 39125, 39166 & 27100

Hi @Heleazar,

You are not the only one experiencing this. You can search in this forum on many many stories and suggestions how to stop / ban this services on your mobile. Since u have received the SMS responce and they have a contact point / URL, try to go to the site or call to unsubs. I know, its pretty troublesome.


The shortcut is - report directly to MCMC / CFM since this has yet to resolve after ur complain to Celcom. I hope u have the report number when you reported to Celcom to stop the subscription. You need to quote that to MCMC. Me and fellow members of this forum have been giving many ideas and voiceing out our concern. But I guess, nothing has been done so far that I know. So, the best is to escalate this to the authorities. These 'parasites' r sucking every credit / bill while they can. You can stop them by doing this. All the best!  

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