I have never pressed this automatic payment.

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I have never pressed this automatic payment.

RM0 Keep enjoying your subscription for [my.gopplay] Subscription frm mobiground. Auto-renewed in 2 days @RM4.00/1 week. To cancel, go2 http://msisdn.mife-aoc.com/celcom/aoc/s/I+Npv8BHxCVKETBYTAEtzQ==s0zS Info: my.support@mobiground.com

WTH IS this
Always deducting my money
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Re: I have never pressed this automatic payment.

Hi @wongjianxiong,

This is getting so normal. You're not alone. What you can do is to contact Celcom and ask them to block the shortcode (3XXXX) for you. Next, file official complain and request for refund. Here's how to contact them;


"As this is an account specific issue, please contact our direct support agent as we will need to have your personal account related information. You may click on this link https://www.messenger.com/t/celcom for assistance. Alternatively you may also call 1111 and speak to one of our Customer Service Consultants."


All the best!

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