Itunes refund

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Itunes refund

17/10/2018 Itunes hantar email refund sudah complete process .Affected simkad no 0139145768 cycle bill setiap 28hb tapi hingga ke hari ini 5/12/18 @45 hari  bila check dengan Celcom careline refund masih belum ada dalam system.Normally berapa lama baru boleh nampak total refund dalam sistem?untuk makluman hingga ke hari ni simcard saya masih lagi kena bar disebabkan iTunes issue.


Thanks for choosing Apple.

Hi Zahari,

Once again this is Arci from iTunes Store Senior Support. Thank you for giving us the chance to assist you today.

I’m glad to inform you that the refund has been issued on your account for a total amount:

Total Refunds:
Total (Malaysian Ringgit): RM1,731.30

The refund will be posted back on your account within 60 days.

Please take note of your Case ID as reference.
CASE ID: 20000016233081

It has been my pleasure assisting you today.
Thank you and have a great day!


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