Online call usage view issue.

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Online call usage view issue.

I faced this problem since last Dec 2017, I cannot view my prepaid call usage.

I'm monitoring all the sudden something weird happend to my phone line, there's a unexpected charge being deducted from my credit since last Dec 2017. My RM40 prepaid credit now balanced RM0.53.... ? Just a few call from my Xpax lists.

Worst case scenario, I cannot view the call usage via Celcom online.. ? Something fishy is it ?

All I needs is, I want to know what being charged or deducted from my prepaid credit so I can make a necessary actions.


Re: Online call usage view issue.

Hello, apa khabar @namza68,


Here is my tone of my advise, just walk in to your nearest Celcom branch/Bluecube natiowide to have a check on your issue. The frontliner will attend your queries easily.



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Re: Online call usage view issue.

Thank you Kennysii,

Of course I will go and meet them when ready..... At this moment I'm not dare to reload yet. I got another postpaid line as a main line...

Thank you