Service interruption

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Service interruption

Hi to person whom concern ,

I would like to log in a complaint towards the celcom services .
I’m a loyal celcom customer as I’m using celcom for more than 6 years and it’s always the first choice for me . Currently i pay a visit to celcom blue cube in TTDI to ask for upgrade my existing plan to Iphone 11 new plan and I was informed by the staff that I need to pay penalty for 3262 MYR as termination penalty then only able to sign up new easy phone plan . I paid directly in the store and sign up new easy phone plan with platinum 148 package .
1st complaint : the staff just informed on the penalty amount 3262 MYR but not other charges which will be incur in coming bills which cost around 350 MYR.

2nd complaint : I receive a message from celcom regarding my line get barred due to due payment of 4100.85 according to the celcom apps . The problem is I made payment of 3262 MYR in 27th September , following by 500 MYR in 16th October . Pls advise me what is the rationale behind on the due payment of 4100.85 MYR and my line get barred due to this ? It’s cause me a lot of trouble with this kinda of irresponsible barred . I’ve been making payment on time and never been barred for so many years while using celcom . When I call to celcom customer service centre on 16th October to ask on the outstanding as its look weird in the apps , seems like payment never deducted from outstanding , answer given was “ please wait for the payment cycle on 18th October “
Which means I can only access my actual outstanding on 18th October and my phone get barred while I do not even know how much is my outstanding amount ? How could celcom expect customer to pay with no invoice or outstanding amount ? Furthermore , I’ve subscribe to auto billing with my credit card ? Why there is no deduction but u barred my line ?

3rd complaint : data renewal on 18th October 12.00am and I receive a message from celcom regarding 100% fully utilisation on my 30GB data while it’s midnight and I’m having my sleeping time . 30GB gone with 5 hours times in the midnight ? This is the first time I encounter this kind of issue with celcom after so many years of services . I’ve been calling to customer service centre on 16th October and get no reply from them thou.

I’m seeking your explanation on this 3 issues and pls provide ur solutions.

I’m truly disappointed with the data deduction and also ur process in managing line barred and payment allocation .
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Re: Service interruption

Hi there @kchungneng  !


Wow. Bad things happening to you so many times in a short period of time... I can totally understand your frustration. But I think you better contact them via their FB messenger or call them (I prefer thru their FB cuz I can keep records of what they say). If they still can't solve your issue or give reasons that is not acceptable, you can take the case to another level and go to MCMC. Usually they'll do a more thorough investigation.


Cuz referring to Celcom's track record on this Community forum they will highly likely to ask you to contact their Customer Service as well. :/ 


Hope I could help a bit. Good luck to you! Cat Tongue