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Unauthorized deduction of credit

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Unauthorized deduction of credit

Hi everyone,

                i noticed that i have been charged Rm6 recently when i logged in to OCS to check my account balance. As i am currently offshore, i can only depend on this method or via the celcom App on my phone to check the balance. I was curious to find this deduction that i am not aware of, thus i lodged a complaint to celcom via the OCS. 


Description of complaint:

noticed that my number is charged with service charge of rm 6. Please check this charging, as i am not aware of it. thanks. The correct balance should be 6.33. I am currently not reachable by phone and have limited email access, will try to reply from time to time.



Extract from email:

In response to your request for deactivation of content, kindly provide us the following details for our further action:

1) Mobile number:
2) Your Full Name:
3) The last 4 digits of your NRIC / last 4 digit of Valid Passport:
4) Your Date of Birth:

Kindly submit the required information by replying to this email or leave us a feedback at https://www.celcom.com.my/support/contact-us

Recently you have been charge for content from Pigeonleads at 14/03/2019


First of all, i never subscribed such contents in the first place, and they are trying to twist the nature of the complaint into assisting me to unsubscribe instead. And each time the ticket is closed immediately and remarked as "resolved". Is this your way to bluff your customer service KPI??? The issue is not resolved Celcom!

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Re: Unauthorized deduction of credit

Best way to get this resolved is to contact customer service directly - I recommend FB messenger@daniel321. Hope it get sorted out soon!