Unbilled amount

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Unbilled amount

I total up the current amount(RM60.35) and unbilled amount (RM84.60)that I have to pay. I paid RM145.05 since I wanted to settle all of them. After I paid for it, the app stated my unbilled amount is RM84.60. I really wanted to know what's happening here. This happened to me twice. The first time I paid twice just to clear my bills. I'm thinking of changing to pre-paid if this keeps on happening. Never had this kind of problem when I'm using pre-paid.
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Re: Unbilled amount


Just want to confirm. Is it showing -RM84.60? Or just RM84.60.
Cuz if there's over payment, usually the over payed amount will will appear with a negative in front of it.

If it shows just RM84.60, then better you contact Celcom's customer service for them to check your payment status.

Hopes this helps Smiley Happy