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bil statement

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bil statement

Hi dear,

Can u check my bil for 3month (June, May & April 2019) 013-5101935

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Re: bil statement

Hello dear @ct_amira  , Smiley Happy


You can get it faster by downloading it from Celcom's Online Customer Service. If you haven't registered, you can do so here. If you're having issues in getting your bill, please contact Celcom's customer service through the right channels so they can help you properly. (FB messenger, email, etc)


Since this is just a forum, issue specifically related to your account might not be able to be solved by us normal people here Smiley Embarassed Though Celcom people //do// reply to post from time to time.


Also, you might want to remove your mobile number from your post to protect your private data and this is a public forum.