it better customer have actual billing rather just notifaction on bill by email. customer no need to come branch request to reprint bill if OCS offline.


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Hi @3945,


When registering, customers do have the option to select printed bill which will be sent to the address. However, there will be a charged imposed for using this service compared to E-Billing which is free. Alternatively, customers can download MyCelcom Postpaid app (My Services > Billing History) view and save from the last 6 months of their bill.


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yes, but feedback from customer its better they have billing by email instaead need to login and some times have problem with the OSC. 

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i dont know whre i can print the statement...can u teach me


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You can print from two different options:

- your Online Customer Service account which you can register via the Celcom webite HERE

- MyCelcom Postpaid app


a) via Online Customer Service Account

Once logged-in, select the account you wish to print the statement from. Please note that, it may require you to send a TAC code to your number and enter it to verify to manage the account. Once confirmed, there is a 'Bill Statement' section on the right hand side where you have the option to 'Download' the current bill or 'Proceed' to view more statements within the last 6 months. Download the bill you're after and it will be saved as a PDF file. You're then ready to print!


b) via MyCelcom Postpaid App

You can login via a TAC code sent to your number or your Online Customer Service account. When you have signed-in, go to the 'My Services' tab and scroll down until you see 'Billing History'. Again, you will have access to the last 6 months of your bill. Select the statement you want and download (only available for Android phones). Here you can attach the file in an email, open up at a laptop/computer and print! ..Or print via your smartphone if it has already been paired up to a printer.


Hope this helps and feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with Smiley Happy