unsubscription of iflix through iflix

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unsubscription of iflix through iflix

Hi , I wanted to unsubscribe iflix apps from my phone as Celcom charged me RM9 monthly eventhough i could't access to it since last 2 months Smiley Sad

I called Celcom hotline twice. The 1st suggested me to do manually from subscription page but i couldnt find it, till now Smiley Indifferent the 2nd time i called, i was suggested to directly contact iflix@support to do the unsubscription. so, i emailed iflix support team and got reply asking for my support ID & mobile phone no. But, I'm curious and not plan to simply pass my contact no like that.

Is there anyone here know how can i check wether it's scam or not ?
or anyone have ever gone through the same process before ? mind to share your experience.

I am really grateful by your assisstance and I hope i dont have to pay extra charged bill for the one I didnt use. thank you in advance Smiley Happy

Re: unsubscription of iflix through iflix

You might check at their website https://www.iflix.com/termsofuse.html#ZUJyEy4dQ60b8pM7.97

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Re: unsubscription of iflix through iflix

Generally, if you contact ANY customer service (through any methods, i.e: FB, Call, Email) and request for changes of settings in your accounts or termination, they WILL ask you details to verify your identity as the 'registered person'. So i'm guessing, that's why they're asking for your information.

If you are concern about whether the line you called is their legit customer service, check their official website. If the info is there, then why the concern? If you're worried about your personal data, most company nowadays are tied by LAW keepsafe your data. Just read their TnC https://piay.iflix.com/static?page=termsofuse .

Also, the issue lies with iFlix app, why contact Celcom? Celcom won't be able to help with anything regarding iFlix anyways...

Hopes this helps.