Can't receive SMS from my bank

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Can't receive SMS from my bank

I have a prepaid SIM card. My bank in Europe has sent me several SMS over the last 10 days, but I haven't received even one of them. These messages contain single-use codes needed to confirm online transactions, so they are  VERY IMPORTANT to me, and they typically arrive from a short phone number (5 digits or so), rather than from a full-length cell phone number.


Funny thing is that if I give Dropbox, Outlook, WhatsApp, etc my phone number,  they send me a verification code via SMS and it ALWAYS arrives. It's only my bank  SMSs that NEVER arrive. But my bank says everything is fine from their side.


Called 1111, went to a BlueCube, but Celcom can't help. My guess is they have a global anti-spam block against the company that delivers these massages on behalf of my bank.


Has anybody had the same experience? Any suggestion on what to try next? Is there someone I can talk to who's more knowledgeable than 1111 or the BlueCube people? The only option I have left is buying a SIM card from another company and hope for the best...

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Re: Can't receive SMS from my bank

Usually the last and final option to solve any telco related issue would be to make a case to MCMC. But funny thing is, Celcom should be able to solve this. :/

Hope you can get this solved.

Re: Can't receive SMS from my bank

Hi @Tntcanardo,


Thanks for reaching us here! It's seems many customer from other telco also having this kind of issues as well. Kindly refer to our basic trouble shooting & Tips/Trick to resolve you issue.


Here are some things to try if you are not receiving your SMS code:

  • Turn your phone off and back on and request a new SMS code.
  • Check your SMS inbox is not full and that your phone has reception.
  • Check your phone settings to see if you may have blocked SMS messages from Bank.


If you are still not receiving your SMS code, Now, there can be numerous reasons, for not receiving SMS's.

  • It might be network provider problem, but as you've already mentioned it is not.
  • Incoming messages might be blocked, that can be the reason, but there's no possibility of blocking messages from banks, Paytm, Microsoft, etc.
  • Check device's Date-Time.
  • Check the SMS centre number (Messaging > ... > settings > SMS centre number). If the number is missing or you expect it is incorrect, confirm the number with us by calling 1111 for further assistance.

Best Regards,

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