Celcom device bundle plan

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Celcom device bundle plan

Hey im using celcom fisrt gold for over a year right now,I and im intrested for the celcom device bundle plan. I have read all the terms and condition. So the terms doesn't states that i need a credit card to apply it. And looks like im eligible for the waived upfront payment. Is this true ? I have talk to your agent through the celcom live chat, but doesn't helped. She talks about the easy phone, not device bundle. Please clarify me, am i eligible ? Or you guys still need credit card auto billing ? But it is not stated in the terms & condition that i read. Once again, im talking about the device bundle, not easy phone program. Thank you Smiley Happy


Re: Celcom device bundle plan

Hi, device bundle from Celcom is the device purchase program which you can enjoy at discounted price. However, you will need to check for your eligibity for waiver of upfront payment. Auto-billing isn't mandatory but you are welcomed to sign-up. EasyPhone is a installment program from Celcom which you are compulsory submit your credit card for auto-billing purpose. Hope this help. Thanks & have a nice day.