Easy Phone Delivery System

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Easy Phone Delivery System



Order No:#1-187883056080
Report No: 1-188330467869


My order status is currently show completed and my current plan already upgrade from Gold to Gold Plus.
However, I don't know my new phone status. Already contacted Celcom Messenger (FB) but did not received any response. Already call 1111 also did not solve my problem. They said "Just wait the phone arrived. No tracking number given."


Kindly confirm when I will receive my phone. As my status is complete, I aspect the phone to be arrive latest by tomorrow (4.4.2019). I really need to use the phone latest by 4.4.2019.


Please confirm for my next action.

Thank you.


Name: Hakim
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Re: Easy Phone Delivery System

Hey Hakim,

Sorry you had this bad experience. Let me escalate this to Celcom internal teams and get back to you.

But first, I'll hide your name and IC here coz these are sensitive info and here's a public space, revealing these info is dangerous! Smiley Wink