Easyphone confusion

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Easyphone confusion

I’m an existing postpaid user. I’m using gold plus now and I’m planning to buy iphone through easyphone. Can someone explain me the upfront payment for the easyphone. I get that i have to pay 3 months so does the 3 months payment is only for the phone monthly or phone+data monthly? And it stated that you cannot have history of call bar for 3 months. What if i do have call bar within 3 months? Do i need to wait after the next clear history of call bar to buy the phone or i can still buy it? Please someone help me

Re: Easyphone confusion

Hi good morning Miss @Fitraminhat ,


1) if your length of stay is between 3 to 12 months, an upfront payment of 3 months of " EasyPhone Monthly Fee only " will be collected.

2) if you are an existing customer for more than 12 months, upfront payment will be waived subject to the requirements and criteria. i.e: Good paymaster and no call bar within 3 months prior to registration for EasyPhone program. if theres a call bar history for the past 3 months, 3 x EasyPhone Monthly Fee will be collected or you can wait until your call bar history clear again.

hope this is helpful. Smiley Happy