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Network Coverage

Good Morning Celcom,


I would like to check what happen to Celcom Coverage/network... Its really dissapointed, past few months and until now the coverage is seriously worst. I did call before 1111 and they asked me to setting up but still the coverage is very low and sometime no coverage at all. This problem is not only facing by me, most of celcom user living and working in PETALING JAYA. Im surprise how come in PJ@main city of Selangor the Celcom Coverage is very low. Inside house, no coverage at all, i have to bring my phone to roadside and searching for network. 


Celcom without fail every month sending bills and reminder to make payment. But whatever we paid, we didnt get that worth of service. Many interruption on network coverage. Please check the attachment below as Celcom published "no network issue in PJ" and while my phone is showing only 2 bar and sometime worst 1 bar or no coverage at all. Please rectify this problem asap.


Thank youCelcom Coverage in phone.jpegPhone Network Coverage in PJCelcom Coverage in Website.JPGCelcom Website - Shows no issue in PJ