Celcom Postpaid Plan Recommender

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Celcom Postpaid Plan Recommender

Celcom Postpaid Plan Recommender


Do you find yourself having troubles finding a mobile plan that fits your daily needs?


What persona are you? Are you an avid traveller? Or a big fan of music? A businessman maybe?


Celcom is always looking to make your life as a customer easier! We're happy to introduce the Postpaid Plan Recommender - the first postpaid recommender among all Malaysian telcos!


Try out our Plan Recommender here  and follow the steps below:


STEP 1: Click the link above


STEP 2: Select answers for Question 1 and Question 2


STEP 3: Select answers for Question 3 and Question 4


STEP 4: You will be presented with a mobile plan that best suits you!


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