Question about quota

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Question about quota

this is my question.

When Postpaid Internet 150GB quota runs out, why I can't use my 1TB Video Walla and 1TB Music Walla quota until my 150GB Postpaid Internet get renewed?
Today is 25th March, my cycle start every 3rd, so I still got until 2nd April to use my Video Walla, Music Walla, Whatsapp and Office 365.

I still got over 800GB for Video Walla and 1030GB for music walla. Its also said free Whatsapp and Office 365 but I still have trouble sending and receiving whatsapp after my Postpaid Internet quota runs out.
I call the celcom customer service, the person on the line laugh while saying it because I dont have Internet Postpaid quota so I can't use any data until its renewed. Which is contradicted to what I see on celcom selfcare, its clearly show my Video Walla and Music Walla quota would be available until 2nd April and that whatsapp should be free.

Please explain.