Tak guna punya celcom.

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Tak guna punya celcom.

useless crap home wireless platinum. You see the speed, it’s no difference than rubbish. Rubbish telco. F7F6F2A1-4CF0-408E-AD7F-83C98EBE249E.pngRubbish speed. Use for cleanup my recycle bin


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Re: Tak guna punya celcom.

I'm assuming you're using Home Wireless? (Since that's what you tagged)


If you weren't informed when you subscribed to it, Celcom has a 30 day return policy for this product. If you're not satisfied, and you are still within that 30 day period, just return it la. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Don't believe? Refer to their website. If already exceeded the 30 days... Well, just try and contact their Customer Service and see what they can do to help. 

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Re: Tak guna punya celcom.

Hi @Michlineal,

Agreed with @roxas1225. Use your rights as a consumer. You can also lodge a report to MCMC if you issues have not been resolved after numerous complaints. 


May I know, out of curiosity - what makes you decide to subscribe to this service? 

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