Unable to migrate to new Xpax plan

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Unable to migrate to new Xpax plan

My simcard is 4G ones. I'll try to migrate to the new Xpax No Kelentong but when I'll tried to reply YES for migration, it says sorry servive not available. Why? Also my credit always get deducted even though I'm not using any mobile data and I did not subscribes to any plans.

Re: Unable to migrate to new Xpax plan

Hi @Jae,

I'm sorry about your issue. It might be a technical issue from our system which couldn't proceed via message subscription. Here is my tone of advice, please walk in to your nearest Celcom service centre/Bluecube retail outlet to get assist from our frontliner to proceed for you manually using our back end system. And regarding the mobile data charges, please avoid your sim card from putting in any smartphone/internet-enabled default phone. Hope this help. Regards.

Are you a Celcom postpaid or prepaid subscriber?
What is the brand of your smartphone?