Unlimited youtube Scam

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Unlimited youtube Scam

Today is 04 February 2019, since last year 2018 CELCOM still doesn't take any response how to fix "UNLIMITED LATE NIGHT YOUTUBE".. Everytime I watched YouTube over midnight 1-7am, my current data automatically deduct n sometime it reached 0gb without any notification because I tot there was free unlimited late night Youtube activated .its never improve since last year,I came here over n over n many others people posted this problem also.Where your maintenance?There is no benefit at all,if u don't take this seriously,u will b charge for any reason.Im Youtuber,I can do live video on promised time 1am-7am about this problem n ask community feedback n support.

Re: Unlimited youtube Scam

Hi @yaski2020, kindly call 1111 to raise a report regarding this issue. TQ
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Re: Unlimited youtube Scam

Hi @yaski2020,

I assume you have made a report in 2018, hence still not happy about it as we are now in Feb 2019. First thing first, if you have made a report, Celcom will have to open the report until you are satisfied with the findings and resolved your issue. If not, the report will still be opened until you agreed to close it. If you have been asked to agree, you can insist not to. If you have 'mistakenly' agreed and now you feel that the issue is still there, please make another report. 


Make sure you have the report number. You can track the report in OCS if I'm not mistaken (it was there last time). If you have never made an official report, please do so NOW. 


Btw, you can't log any complain here as this is a 'passive' forum. No one is responsible to update or acknowledge your enquiries or complain here. A quick way to contact Celcom below;


"As this is an account specific issue, please contact our direct support agent as we will need to have your personal account related information. You may click on this link https://www.messenger.com/t/celcom for assistance. Alternatively you may also call 1111 and speak to one of our Customer Service Consultants."


All the best! 



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