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Weekend internet quota disappeared

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Weekend internet quota disappeared

Im using celcom first gold with 20gb internet quota. Since last week, my weekend internet quota goes 0 and does not appeared in celcom life. Check bal status to 28882 showed weekend internet 0mb. Why? My internet will be renewed on 28/5 and im afraid i just have 10gb. Have done anydaygb last two weeks hoping internet renew on 28 will give me 20gb. Now, im worried coz paying 10 and could not get it

Re: Weekend internet quota disappeared

Hi @fairuzfauzi


Let us check further on your issue. Please PM us at our FB messenger or, if you prefer contacting via email, please write to us at this page. It would be helpful if you could also provide us a screenshot of the App error.


We'll look into the matter and help you further.



Hope this helps




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